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Sewing Doll Pemguin

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Follow the simple instructions to sew an adorable and trendy penduin plush friend.
This sewing kits is available in 6 very cute and ever-popular animal designs - unicorn, llama, sloth, penguin, owl & deer.
Children as young as 6 or even at any age, can manage to follow the simple instructions to make a lovely, good quality plush toy. These sewing kits are great for fine motor skill development, allowing children to express their creativity and artistic flair, and perfect for parent-child fun together. The instructions teach children a range of different sewing techniques.

Avenir’s adorable sewing box sets are a brilliant introduction to the world of sewing, brought to life with a little love and sewing. They are all of a high quality and are substantial enough for children to hug and play with.

11cm x 11cm x 24cm
6 years +

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